~ About Me ~

chloe panta life coach

Professional Life Coach & Author

I’m an LA-based mindset coach and author, passionate about helping people live abundantly full lives by teaching life-changing mindset techniques. Whether you’re looking to improve the life of yourself, your family, or your company, I have the experience and dedication needed to help you achieve your desired results.

I’m a Mindset & Transformational Coach, and RTT® Practitioner, specializing in helping women, men and children overcome addiction, phobias and trauma with rapid transformational techniques.

I use an evidence-based, proven system with scientific data to support its effectiveness to help my clients reach transformational goals and overcome obstacles that are keeping them stuck in life. I help them to move towards freedom.

Whether you’re looking to holistically improve your life, overcome an addiction such as smoking, lose weight, relieve yourself of phobias, anxiety or depression, my rapid transformational therapy and coaching can help. I work with clients from all walks of life who are looking to remove blocks that are keeping them stuck, whether that is past trauma or a recent situation, my role is to help you heal past your experiences and transform your life into the one you’ve only dreamed of.


After years of bad habits and limiting beliefs, Chloe helped me better connect with myself, learn to use mindset techniques that have helped me change my life for the better. I'm happier, in a thriving marriage, I have created a new business which is doing well and I am happy. She's helped me change my life.
I am forever grateful to Chloe for her private online coaching practice. She taught me how to lead an abundant life by being smarter about the decisions I make when it comes to the way I think. We did deep work, meditations, subliminal work, mindset work and more, and I am really a completely different person living the life I've always wanted.
We hired Chloe to help develop our corporate wellness and coaching program and she was very professional to work with. Our employees love her!

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