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Untapped Magic by Chloe Panta

In Untapped Magic, life coach and successful entrepreneur Chloe Panta shares her personal journey from growing up in poverty in Detroit to creating a successful career and life. She offers readers practical advice on how to tap into their own inner magic and create the life they desire.

Drawing deeply from ancient wisdom and foundational principles, the book is full of powerful stories, exercises, and mantras that will help readers overcome limiting beliefs, demolish anxiety, and replace a scarcity mindset with an outlook of abundance. Untapped Magic is an inspiring and empowering read for anyone who wants to create a more positive, effortless, and joyous life.

Key features include:

• chapters on growth, self-awareness, opportunities, relationships, forgiveness, and getting past your past
• exercises and mantras perfect for everyone, from the boy in the ’hood to the corporate Black woman
• real-world stories from the author, her friends, and her clients
• an engaging and motivating writing style that combines the spiritual insight of Gabrielle Bernstein with the magical energy of Elizabeth Gilbert

Going beyond self-growth and empowerment, Panta demonstrates that by helping make the world better, readers will discover that there is enough for everyone and that we can all thrive. Untapped Magic is a must-read for a generation eager to unlock the power of manifestation and create a more positive, effortless, and joyous life.